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"Grief is like a snowflake, you never know exactly when the snow will fall, just like a bereavement, you never know exactly when it might happen. You never know how deep the snow will become, just like you never know how deep your bereavement will become.
You never know how long the snow will last, just like you never know how long your grief will last.

You never know when the snow will begin to thaw, just like you never know when your feelings of grief will diminish and eventually go, and you never know when the snow will suddenly come back again, either lightly or heavy, just like you never know if or when your grief will come back leaving you feeling overwhelmed with emotions”.



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Accessing and getting the correct form of grief and bereavement support can have a huge benefit and positive impact on anyone’s future.

Anyone is welcome to access the services offered by Snowflake Grief & Bereavement Care and the support can help from a younger generation to the very old. Even if a person loses their life at 100 years old, their nearest and dearest, although they may have tried to prepare themselves, often will still have HOPE until the person has died, still leaving the griever in a state of shock, disbelief, denial and numbness. Also one family member can suffer and grieve in a totally different way to another, even losing the same family member, as grief is UNIQUE to each individual.

I have trained and qualified in the highest levels of grief & bereavement over many years and worked in this industry since 1999, providing & setting up bereavement services for crematoriums, hospitals, hospices and funeral businesses. Having experienced very close & significant loss myself, I know only too well how a close bereavement can make you feel.


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Services Offered:

The Grief Recovery Programme


The Grief Recovery Programme is designed to help and support you come to terms with and cope with your loss. It is a fully guided and structured eight week programme, that runs for two hours per week either in the early evening or afternoon weekly for the eight week duration. 

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A fully trained facilitator will guide the group through the grieving process by working through a number of bereavement issues such as:

  • The experience, signs and symptoms of grief
  • What grief can cause to a person, secondary losses and knock-on effects
  • The many emotions of grief, numbness, disbelief and disorientation
  • Confronting guilt and anger
  • Combatting loneliness
  • Grief attacks – how grief comes and goes
  • Adjustments to make to your life since your loss
  • Reorganisation & redirection of your life since your loss
These are held in small groups of up to 12 people only, with no ‘ice breakers’, you don’t need to share your story or situation, unless you wish to, otherwise you’re welcome to simply listen and observe myself and the course issues. You will meet other people going through grief and experiencing very similar thoughts, feelings and symptoms of bereavement. These are held in a function room locally with good car parking, with disabled access and facilities.

Public Grief Recovery Programmes are supported and sponsored by a local funeral directors/organisations, therefore places are FREE of charge. Places on each programme are limited so often are taken up quickly, so please confirm your place/places for the next available programme as soon as you can in order to gain the benefit, guidance, help and support which you’ll receive.

A specialist Grief Recovery Programme shaped and tailored to a more personal or specific group, family group or work place can be arranged, please enquire for more details.
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Many people who have attended the Grief Recovery Programme have felt an extreme benefit from these courses, helping them to come to terms and cope with their grief, and move towards a stronger, brighter and more positive future following their loss.


The Grief Recovery Programme – private groups/services


The Grief Recovery Programme can also be offered to family groups. If a family would like a
personal and private Grief Recovery Programme having had a significant loss, this service for
them is also available. Please enquire within for more information on this and regarding
children/under 16’s in the family group.
The Grief Recovery Programme can also be offered to workplaces, organisations and
businesses. If a business/organisation has suffered a significant loss within their
workplace/business or organisation, where all or most of the staff and clients are feeling
bereaved, the workplace/business or organisation might want a Grief Recovery Programme
provide, this service is also available. Please enquire for more information.

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Drop-In Service


A drop-in service can be provided for your business, organisation upon request. This works
very well in the workplace/business and even at schools, colleges etc… Where an
organisation has suffered a significant loss and wants to provide a bereavement/counselling
service for their colleagues, students, clients on a more informal level, where they can feel
free to pop in for a chat/counselling in a more informal manner yet still receiving help,
guidance and support in a private and confidential manner.
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One To One Support


This service is provided for a client with more complex needs, a more private and personal situation, or someone who simply prefers the more personal, private, specialised service which 1-1 provides. Offered on a more immediate basis if you require support to begin asap. These appointments will be offered for a full hour at a considerably lower fee to most counselling companies/organisations. This will be held in a consultation room for 1 hour each week or fortnightly or as often, or as/when you request, whichever suits each person best. Please enquire for more information.

Many people have benefitted hugely from 1-1 support and again helps to cope with the bereavement and move towards a stronger, brighter and positive future following their loss.
All services will benefit from telephone support between appointments or group sessions, if they need/want support. A quick txt or phone call to request this is all that is needed, and the facilitator will be happy to speak over the phone during the evenings or weekends, wherever possible and convenient.
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Telephone Counselling / Video Call Counselling


Telephone counselling and video call counselling is also available.
This is booked in the same way as one-to-one counselling, one hour per appointment but at a slightly cheaper rate.
These run along the same similarity, likeness and resemblance as a one-to-one appointment.
The counsellor will be in the totally private and confidential office, but the client can be anywhere, at home, at a friend or relatives home, at work, on a lunch break, on holiday, even in their car.
This can help and support people living in all area’s on a national scale and is not limited in any way.
This is also offered worldwide. An hour counselling either by normal telephone or by video call, whichever you choose, in a chosen and convenient appointment time for you.
For as often as you like.

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All services provided by Snowflake Grief and Bereavement Care will also benefit from extra
support I.E. telephone and txt support between appointments and group sessions wherever
required. As you will be aware, your feelings of grief and bereavement doesn’t simply occur
once per week during your appointment sessions, in-fact rarely do the feelings leave you
particularly within the early stages. So please feel free to know that the help, support,
guidance and a warm friendly, welcoming, listening ear are just a call or txt away, even
between your appointments.


Governments Guidelines – Post Covid-19/Coronavirus

Due to the worldwide pandemic Coronavirus (Covid-19), social distancing, hygiene measures
and risk assessments were implemented since March 2020. All services remained in place and
continued to go ahead wherever possible and throughout lockdowns, as it was providing a
service for people with emotional, anxiety and bereavement needs. However all rules and
guidance were strictly followed at all times. Some of these newly implemented guidelines are
continuing in the health and safety of client’s and counsellors. For more information or any
queries you may have, please feel free to contact Snowflake Grief and Bereavement Care.

Marketing/Advertising/Business opportunity for you!

Would you like to sponsor a service?

You can sponsor any service ran by Snowflake Grief and Bereavement Care. This will promote, advertise and market YOUR business/company in many ways, from your clients/customers feeling that you have offered a unique service to them. Your business/company name can be advertised across all the documentation used, posters, letters, leaflets, stationary, pens, etc... and this also acts as further advertising for YOUR company name at the venues used, as the posters, materials etc... will be advertising on all doors, windows, entrance, car parks etc... this is a great way of promoting YOUR business too, in a unique way.

You can sponsor The Grief Recovery Programme for a set fee. This covers a whole 8 week course/programme, the facilitators fee's, running the course and all admin and materials. You can supply pens or other stationary, leaflets, anything you like which Snowflake Grief and Bereavement Care will promote, adverise and market thoroughly for your buisness. Your company name/logo will be advertised on letters, leaflets, posters, files ect... You may wish for Snowflake Grief and Bereavement Care to run a course/group purely for your clients which is a great service offered to them having used your company for their needs. Venues would need to be suitable in location and accessibility, I have many I use regularly with discounted fees due to continued business. A small meeting room (holding up to 14 people) is all that is required and supplied by your business. Snowflake Grief and Bereavement Care will supply the light refreshments. 

You can sponsor 'one-to-one' counselling for £30 per hour, per client. This will cover the clients counselling, the counsellor fee's, time, costs, insurance, expenses, admin and materials used. You can supply any stationary or materials you wish, in order to promote your company/business which Snowflake Grief and Bereavement Care will promote entirely on your behalf as the sponsor.

Sponsoring any of Snowflake Grief and Bereavement Care services would benefit your business hugely. An extra service from yourselves, showing your compassion and thought for your clients welfare and future. "Word of mouth" is very powerful and the aftercare you're providing, gaining more business from the promotions and advertising side alone will benefit you hugely. Your company name will be advertised on all materials, including the booklets given to each client which they keep, all letters, all leaflets, pens, stationary, window and door posters, which are constantly seen by passers-by, public in the venue, the entrance to the venues, the car parks at the venues and in any other public places of advertising and all public advertising via radio, news papers, magazines, advertisments or similar.

Limited Grief Recovery Programmes are available throughout the year so first come, first served, to be a sponsor and gain the benefits of sponsoring Snowflake Grief and Bereavement Care. Please enquire for more information or any queries or to sponsor any of the services offered.



I must thank you so much for our one to one sessions, when my world fell apart following the loss of my wife from apparent good health to dying just 12 months ago, your understanding, help and support were so influential and helped me to cope. My daughters send their thanks too as they found my coping clearly came from the counselling sessions, and I am so pleased I sought help.

- Mr B.D.

I cannot thank Anne-Marie enough for bringing me back from the brink of what I was contemplating to do. This is the best of the best in grief support and for people in my situation and I thank God for her, thank-you.

- Mr. J.D.

Thank you for your care and support, the course came at just the right time for me and has helped me start building up my confidence again, I would recommend your services to anyone suffering from a loss

- Mrs C.W.

Thank you so very much for your kindness, compassion, thoughtfulness and patience you shown us, it helped us get through each day, to cope with the loss of mum, dad, brother and our son who would have been 31 years old in October 2016, thank you again

- Mr & Mrs B.

Thank you so much for all your guidance and understanding, you have helped me more than you will ever know, keep supporting people like me

- Mrs F.M.

Thank you for all your help and support, it has been very beneficial and has helped me enormously to cope a lot better.

- Mrs A.W.

Thankyou so much Anne-Marie, both the group therapy sessions and private one-to-ones have helped so much, you're a helpful angel in this terrible journey I'm taking.

- Mr. P.R.

Thankyou so much Anne-Marie for all your kindness and help for us all, it has really helped us understand how we feel and how to cope alot better, all families from a sudden loss should have this.

- The W. family

I'm so impressed with the help, support and guidance from Snowflake Grief and Bereavement Care, there's nothing like this in my area, and the counselling via video call is brilliant, it helps me cope with my loss from week to week, I couldn't get through this incredibly low time in my life without it, thankyou so much!

Ms C.F.

Contact Me:

Tel: 07523 210131 / Email: snowflakegbc@sky.com